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Earthy greens are a great options for warm living room paint colours. Pair with oaks and linens for a chilled living room that will make your neighbours green with envy.

Perfect for spaces that need a touch of depth that will compliment greenery and rich toned velvets.

Use grey taupes like Good Intentions on ceilings and woodwork to reduce contrast and lean in to more earthy, biophilic look.

Using beige is a great wait to create calm and rich colour schemes for living rooms. Take inspiration from all time Safe Play lover @yas.wyatt.home and use the colour to create a calm space in your living room.

The right light green will help create energising schemes in your living room. And Breathe is a beige green that is one of the perfect warm colours for the living room.

Red has fallen out of favour in decorating but when used in the right context creates cocooning warm and a sense of drama.

Try not to fall into the white woodwork trend here though, so the contrast between colours is very high and can make these deep reds look browny.

Dramatic darks help draw attention to artwork, furniture and personal items. Pair with our emerald or ruby jewel tone velvets and lots of textural elements for a boldly dramatic look.

Pair with mixed metal finishes, deep woods and pops of beige upholstery for a monochromatic scheme that feels warm and inviting. Natural materials and linens will help to keep your Cargo living room engaging. Stonier greiges provide a chilled backdrop to mid-century furniture and deep, warming woods like teaks and walnuts. Think tan and black leathers, textural sofas, lots of woods and some travertine stone work and finish with a COAT of Ambrose

Deep golden yellows like House Points perfectly compliment more neutral schemes, like Margot when used on pieces of furniture. For those that have a sunny bright living room, flip the scheme on this and paint your walls in House Points with Margot or Duvet Day woodwork and ceilings.

In brighter spaces these golden walls will create a warming glow that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

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