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The perfect rug will make guests feel warm and welcome. Place a rug with rich colors of red and orange in front of a brown sofa to make people feel welcomed in your living room. A rug with a brown background and yellow flowers will add a cheerful appeal to the room.

Selecting a rug in any of these colors is a great idea in a room with a brown sofa. Deep jewel colors invoke feelings of creativity and happiness in people, making them a nice choice for an area rug in front of a brown leather couch. Open curtains or drapes to allow plenty of natural light, which will make the room appear larger.

Taking these extra steps will guarantee that you don’t accidentally create an unbearable living space when using this lovely color. The soft, natural color of light brown will add warmth to the room, making everyone feel comfortable. If you can, avoid any rug that has a bold color in the pattern to make sure that the entire room flows well together.

Rugs in shades of green, tan, and brown are a wonderful idea for a natural design style.

Homeowners with a country or rustic themed living room should pick up a cowhide rug with a combination of beige and a shade of brown. Neutral tones of brown, tan, and white are a great choice if you simply cannot decide what color rug to buy.

These colors will look exceptional in front of a brown leather sofa and will coordinate well with other design pieces in the room. A bright-toned color rug will make the room appear busy and full of visual stimulation. Including a pop of color in a minimal living room is a popular idea. These bursts of vibrant colors increase the aesthetic appeal of the room and add more positive energy to the space.

A plain beige rug will add classic appeal to an elegant living room. Beige rugs won’t draw attention away from other focal points in the room.

A stark white rug will complement any style or color of furniture. Years ago, turquoise and brown was the hottest decorating trend. Rugs in turquoise and brown are a great way to bring more of this color combination into your living room.

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