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That being said, let’s break down the best wood floor color for dark cabinets and provide a few examples along the way. However, if you pair dark cabinets with light floors, the space will seem much larger, and you’ll also have a nice focal point. Eyes will naturally be drawn to the dark wood cabinets, as opposed to everything in the room blending into one another. Do they mean beige, tan, white, natural, neutral, white-washed, gray, light brown, or ….all of the above?

At the end of the day, this usually does mean “all of the above” — as long as the wood flooring is lighter than the cabinets, you’re usually good to go. But to drive this point home, let’s lay out a few really good examples of dark cabinets with light wood floors.

dark cabinets with light flooring
dark cabinets with light flooring

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