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It suits both traditional and modern aesthetics, which explains why many people have a charcoal gray couch. You’ll find the best color combinations listed below, as well as some styling tips that can highlight your charcoal gray couch.

Let’s dive straight in with a list of the best colors to match your charcoal gray couch!

You can pair your charcoal gray couch with any color you wish, but no one can deny how amazing this shade looks against blue. Navy, sapphire, teal, and baby blue will all look fabulous next to your charcoal couch. For instance, lighter blues are a good choice for small rooms, as they can make the space look larger.

Softer neutrals like beige, off-white, and pale gray can relieve the darkness of charcoal, making the living room feel more inviting. For instance, using a pale gray wall against your charcoal couch will draw attention to the sofa.

Orange may not be everyone’s first choice, but its striking, bold, and rich quality looks fabulous against charcoal.

Charcoal is a classic color, but you can make your sofa stand out by placing it under an orange wall. As it’s such a vivid shade, an orange wall will draw attention to the sofa and create an interesting contrast. You might shy away from orange believing it will distract you from your gray couch, but the opposite is true.

Thanks to the blue undertones in charcoal, it works with orange to make each other pop, without taking the spotlight off of each other. Red isn’t traditionally used in living rooms, but its bold and brilliant quality looks fantastic when paired with charcoal.

Red and black is a classic combination, but charcoal adds a touch of softness that makes this appropriate for the living room.

Like we saw with orange, red acts as a focal point to highlight your gray couch. This is a great color choice for a bold personality, but you don’t have to go for bright shades of red either. In this case, gold accessories will still look good, but silver and burgundy will match better due to their cool undertones.

Gray is a mix of black and white, so naturally, these two shades pair well with charcoal. Black and white contrast with each other, but gray balances them both to create an inviting room. You can go for patterns or stick to one shade, but no matter what design you choose, these colors are visually striking. Black walls will look modern, but they won’t reflect light, so it’s a better choice for larger living spaces.

A charcoal gray sofa looks amazing with most colors, but you can make the look a bit more interesting by going for different textures. Similarly, a matte throw can make certain colors, like sage green, beige, or black, stand out more.

Plants look good inside many homes, but their green leaves look amazing alongside charcoal. Charcoal is a dark color, but adding green plants can visibly brighten up your living space. If you’re stuck on what shades of gray to choose, focus on deciding on three different tones.

Charcoal is a cool dark gray, so brown may not be the most obvious choice to pair with it. Mid brown shades won’t distract from your couch, but they’ll also provide enough contrast to keep the look interesting. This is generally a good thing, but larger rooms may need some contrasting accessories to avoid looking too washed out.

Neutral colors are always a good choice, but as you’ve seen above, bold shades like red and orange can work well.

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