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The standard of tone is canned olives, the color of which has an admixture of red with a predominance of yellow in green (golden hue). They not only provided food but also played a huge role in the culture of different countries. Oliva symbolizes peace, joy, growth, abundance, primacy, piety, and tranquillity. And the olive branch brought by the dove to Noah is considered a sign of reconciliation and the end of difficulties. All these qualities appeal to the classic green, as a tone of growth, enrichment, cheerful disposition, and abundance. But you can immediately see how red makes its own adjustments in the form of reaching the top, the desire to complete the mission.

Thus, olive can be described as the color of tinned winners, wise, calm, judicious, guarding peace and harmony. It has a well-balanced blue, yellow and red, without foreign impurities in the form of gray, white, or black.

Light Olive-green – It can be pure or conceived (with a greater touch of gray), but it always remains soft natural colors.

Grey-olive green is a muted, ashy shade, it is also close to khaki – not noticeable, but at the same time, it can be an excellent base for an image.

Combinations with olive color are mostly soft, devoid of sharp contrast, but at the same time juicy, and changeable. This reduces the heat and cold resonance but increases the soft harmony that this color maintains.

Olive is matched with red as complementary colors, which means this pair is unprincipledly bright. The unifying factor will be both deep warm yellow and red tones, which is in the composition of both colors.

Thermal and brightness contrasts with lesser extent light shades, which makes the combination very attractive and, therefore, warm.

Olive green and khaki shades are united by the yellow color, which is in the composition of the main tone you can see the perfect fusion.

The combination of olive and warm green constructs a one-tone color scheme. Even in warm colors, green is diverse and multifaceted, therefore, the combinations with it will be expressive.

It also has a hint of additional contrast, as the opposite pair for purple will be light or bright olive green. Brown, as a complex tone, is close to the main color in terms of ageing, and also in composition it unites, deepens, and gives a sense of wholeness.

Brown can be either a glare or a deep shadow, depending on the lightness and saturation of the hue.

It is easy to revive it with gold or other rich shades, the main thing is that they are close to it in saturation.

The golden olive color is combined with tea rose, lavender, cardinal, mang, pumpkin, apricot, bright gold, chartreuse, emerald, Prussian blue, gray-blue, blackberry, eggplant, swallowtail, latte, and black shades. It will successfully fit into a stylish set in casual, military, or an elegant, urban, feminine look.

It gives the impression of a self-confident person and has a calming effect, which is especially useful in our difficult everyday life. Olive and khaki green is combined with pearl pink, dark pink, brick, sand, old gold, white-green, pine, blue sea, sky blue, orchid, plum, coffee bean color, papyrus, and black. Light olive – a soft, warming shade of green, without a mixture of gray, but at the same time, it is muted. It is feminine, and the light vibe will give freshness to the image, return youth and successfully illuminate the face.

As a relaxing color, it is good for rest, social gatherings, or celebrations, but it is just as easy to translate into your everyday wardrobe. The light olive color is combined with sakura pink, lavender, ruby, yellow-orange, tangerine orange, pear, bright gold, menthol, dark green, blue-gray, turquoise, and lilac, grape, sepia, light beige, and wet asphalt gray.

Almost neutral, and nevertheless, complex, multifaceted, and warm, it transforms in combination, forming an unsurpassed composition. It is characterized by elegance, which, combined with expensive materials and design, will create a regal image.

Olive-gray is combined with strawberry, red, peach, ocher, honey, old gold, lime, emerald green, Prussian blue, water blue, blue-violet, charoite, bark color, light beige, and wet asphalt. Olive color in clothes can be seen in the military collections, but the main tone is bright, rich, with a golden tint – falls out of this style.

It carries nobility, inner light, and pride, therefore, designers strive to introduce a certain pomp and originality. Various folds, a rough surface of the material or smooth as silk, lend a special charm to this tone, enhancing its properties.

Olive tone – refers to the autumn palette and is most often found in the collections of this season. But a truly autumnal character is manifested in its ability to change with each new color and transform its appearance. For “winter”, only bright and dark tones will be available, provided that purer and brighter colors, for example, red or orange, participate in the composition.

A discreet, juicy shade tends to enhance the adjacent tones, which makes the coloring deeper, and more saturated. If white is added to the combination in equal amounts with black, then we get a stylish, contrasting triad. White, brown, light green, and gold can be added to enhance the contrast.

Such a pair is one of the most pleasant and widespread in the use of the basic tone, other colors can easily be added to it and harmonious multicolored compositions are obtained. A complex, harmonious, natural pair that can be complemented with beige, brown, black, and gold. The contrast is lower, but the complexity is higher, which is very suitable for representatives of the “summer” color type. The main tone will be served with golden, muted shades of yellow, such as honey, and mustard. Blue-green colors make the combination with the main tone juicy, and fresh, especially if you add white to them. Purple shades add femininity and naivety to the combination, which can bring the palette to a romantic scale.

Bright and muted fuchsia colors will add daring notes to the combination, which will intensify if they are joined by black, orange, and gold. Delicate pink tones will reduce everything to a calm, cute image, which will be taken with brown or beige as a company.

A pair with a bright accent, where warm red is enhanced by green, but since the latter is quite muted, we see a moderate composition of complementary colors.

What colors go with olive green
What colors go with olive green
What colors go with olive green
What colors go with olive green
What colors go with olive green
What colors go with olive green

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