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Kitchens with center islands or breakfast bars are the ultimate combination of function and style. You’re adding extra workspace and seating that improves the functionality of your kitchen, while also making the space look inviting and homey.

Read on for more tips on how you can style your white shaker kitchen island and breakfast bar. The emphasis on usable spaces with clean, unfussy appearances makes kitchen islands with shaker-style cabinets for storage a popular choice. Since shaker cabinets are clean and simple in design, this won’t add any unnecessary bulk or busyness to the kitchen. Leaving part of the island open is ideal if you want to add seating for a breakfast bar.

Stools can be stored underneath the countertop when not in use, and pulled out for extra seating when it’s time to eat. With white shaker cabinets, you have a lot of flexibility and freedom to choose complementary materials and accessories. Shaker cabinets are a simple and classic look that suits almost any style, and white is a clean slate that can match any color. First, you should decide on the overall style of your kitchen: is it simple and modern, with clean lines and a pop of color?

It creates a casual dining area that can also double as extra countertop space for meal prep, homework or just reading the daily news with a morning coffee. You can add stools for extra seating and keep part of the island for food preparation or as a cooktop.

If you don’t have the room for a large breakfast bar, a more small-space friendly solution is to include a fold down table mounted to a wall with stools for seating.

white shaker kitchen island
white shaker kitchen island
white shaker kitchen island
white shaker kitchen island

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