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Four out of five times I walk away empty handed after seeing a lot of junk, but last week was a gold mine at my local St. Vincent de Paul. At one point, I heard two college girls discussing a six drawer dresser and they said “We can prime and paint this, I saw it on a blog” which made me feel proud of us DIY bloggers!

Matt has his own small real estate office and all of the furniture is dark wood, but he’s a dude and he likes it that way so I don’t mess with that preference. He used to give me the hand pinching the top of the nose plus creased forehead combo when I brought beat up stuff home years ago – but no more. I snuck this revamped piece into his office while he was out on an inspection and then got an email three hours later when he returned that read “LOVE it.” Mission totally accomplished. I used Glidden’s ‘Muslin White’ latex paint leftover from the window seat; Floetrol, an additive I love; Zinsser primer (we’re pretty tight); some Restor-A-Finish, and clear furniture wax protectant.

I’ve mentioned it before, Floetrol is a great product for conditioning latex paint giving you longer open time to minimize drag and brush strokes. Matt has a collection of some very cool old things like this antique radio he found on Ebay years ago and some vintage maps he had framed.

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