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When you are renting an apartment of any type no matter if it’s quite spacious and very small, you want to add some of your styles to your temporary home. An important item to note is that you need to read your lease to determine if the landlord or the tenant is responsible for the window treatments in your apartment.

You may incur a considerable charge for leaving holes in the walls, although it’s an easy fix to correct before moving out.

When you are ready to dress your windows in your apartment you should take several things into consideration to make certain you get a product that performs as you want it to. It helps to have types of window treatments to dampen the outdoor sounds of cars and people going by your area, especially if you are on a lower floor. You can find many types of window coverings that have room-darkening capabilities, such as blackout curtains, roller shades and blinds.

These types of hooks and fasteners are fairly new to the market and they serve the exact purpose of not needing to place screws or nails into your walls. You can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes and you only need to make certain that they can support the weight of your window treatments. You simply peel off the adhesive backing, stick them to the wall, and put a drapery rod through them with your lightweight curtains on them and voila–you are done. They also have rubber stoppers on both ends that touch the window frame so they won’t cause any type of damages. Magnetic curtain rods are a great and ideal hanging method on any window frame or door that is made of steel. You can find some really nice and decorative models in magnetic curtain rods and they are adjustable in size as well.

You can hang your window treatments of choice in seconds with no drill curtain rod brackets. It doesn’t give you a lot of areas to decorate your living space and you want it to feel warm and cozy. You can easily make your apartment appear much larger by hanging your window treatments all the way up by the ceiling and letting them stretch down to the floor. This will draw the eye to the length of them and give the illusion that your entire living area is larger when they are closed as well as when they are open.

If you want your windows to stand out and make a statement, you can choose any solid color in a bold hue. You can choose the most vibrant of colors such as turquoise, goldenrod, eggplant, or a metallic fabric for a lot of interest in your space.

The addition of adding natural sunlight to a space allows the light to bounce off your walls and makes it look larger. You don’t need to be a seamstress or even have a sewing machine to create some interesting window coverings yourself.

You can add a colorful pattern of trim tape to the sides, top, or bottom of each panel, or in multiple areas if you like. Trim is available in thousands of types with lace, tassels and about any item you can possibly imagine.

You put the adhesive tape between the trim and the fabric and simply heat it up with the iron to form a bond with no stitches that are visible. If you like the gentle folds and classic appearance of a Roman shade, you can dress these up to suit your needs also.

It actually only takes you a few minutes of time and a few dollars in cost to fill in the holes that are in your walls from hanging your window treatment hardware. If you don’t fill them yourself, your landlord will likely charge you quite a bit more to pay someone to do it after you leave and deduct it from your security deposit. No matter the size of your apartment, whether it’s upstairs or downstairs or if it’s near the parking lot with lights and noise, you can still find the perfect window coverings.

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