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25 Free DIY Kitchen Island Plans To Build A Functional Kitchen

Follow these 25 free DIY kitchen island plans to build a functional kitchen island design with drawers and a lower shelf for storage.This article will cover a large variety of free DIY kitchen island plans, from rolling to trim and lights kitchen island; from cedar wood to rustic reclaimed kitchen island; from kitchen island with trash storage to turning an old bookshelf to a brand new kitchen island!

25 Free DIY Kitchen Island Plans To Build A Functional Kitchen
Kitchen Island Trim and LightsA kitchen island is one of those things that you should consider spending a little extra money on.

Kitchen Island with Trash StorageYou can make your kitchen a lot more functional and fun just by a single kitchen island like this one.

DIY Kitchen Island MakeoverA plain, simple, and white-colored DIY kitchen island is perfect for any kitchen, with any theme or aesthetic!

Custom DIY Rolling Kitchen Island

I perused through many-an-awesome kitchen and found lots of inspiration for kitchen islands with so many different ideas and options.I also like that it has lots of drawers because my kitchen has lots of cabinets, but only a couple of drawers.So this has just ended up being the girls’ little play kitchen area.(plural)Except sometimes it looks like this, soooo…This was my play kitchen when I was a little girl.I think I’ll just leave this post with this terribly awkward photo of me with my play kitchen as a child.

Fivebraids Custom Woodworking

Butcher Block topped Kitchen Island with Mixer LiftThis kitchen island/cart was built to match a kitchen for a local couple.After discussing several design ideas and elements, CAD drawings of the proposed island were submitted and approved.

Fivebraids Custom Woodworking
Here's the clients new island in "raw" form, a stack of white oak for the cabinet and doors, and a stack of African Mahogany for the butcher block top:Strips of African Mahogany for the butcher block top were milled and set up in clamps for gluing.On to the final glue-up of butcher block top.

The base of the clients mixer was traced onto the shelf which was then routed to create a 3/8" deep recess to hold the mixer in place.

Kitchen islands on wheels

Kitchen islands on wheels sound like a non-standard solution.The growing popularity of movable kitchen islands is based on the carts and trolleys used in commercial kitchens.

Kitchen islands on wheels
Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen islands on wheelsAdsModern kitchen islands on wheels are presented in a variety of design interpretations, so that they become a harmonious addition to absolutely any style.

Combining efficiency with an elegant design, the kitchen island on wheels will turn into a practical and rather fun addition to the kitchen.In conclusion, we can say that the main task of a kitchen island is to create an additional working area.

Mobile Kitchen Islands Ideas And Inspirations

The mobile kitchen island is one such addition that should be a lot more popular than it already i3 design groupThe kitchen island on casters is an idea that has originated from the commercial kitchen, and with cool contemporary kitchen carts offering to double as chic and well-organized kitchen islands, there are plenty of available options for every homeowner.

Mobile Kitchen Islands Ideas And Inspirations
Explore this Vancouver HomeChoosing a kitchen island on wheels is much like designing a normal kitchen island in terms of style, size and proportions.The countertop of your mobile kitchen island is another important feature that defines its look and overall appeal.

Playful at times and pragmatic on other occasions, the kitchen island on wheels offers something for everyone… So, are you ready to roll?

HOMCOM Kitchen Trolley, Wood Top Utility Cart on Wheels with Open

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HOMCOM Kitchen Trolley, Wood Top Utility Cart on Wheels with Open
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Aspen Kitchen Cart Indigo Blue

This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.For more information go to Aspen Kitchen Cart provides generous storage and more.Locking wheels allow mobility and security once the cart is stationed in place.Two doors keep cookware stored away, hidden from view while the three (3) utility drawers are ideal for organizing smaller items.Finished in Indigo Blue, this cart is a perfect addition to any kitchen interior.

Baxton Studio Liona Sky Blue Finished Wood Kitchen Storage Cart

Kitchen organization is made chic and easy with the Liona cart.The Liona’s charming farmhouse-inspired design and sky blue finish add a playful, contemporary look to any kitchen.

Baxton Studio Liona Sky Blue Finished Wood Kitchen Storage Cart
The natural-finished, solid rubberwood top is equipped with a built-in knife holder and provides ample surface space to prep and serve food.

Three shelves and a drawer provide convenient storage space, while a pull-out garbage compartment makes cleanup a breeze.The Liona cart is made in Malaysia and requires assembly.


Timeless Appeal

Marble Bathroom Tile