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A tone that shines with passion and sensuality, the romantic color red has the capacity to give any room every atmosphere you might put your mind to.The senses are caressed by this bold, striking color that gives off warmth and a noticeable vibe.For a serious and welcoming ambient in the library or for a stylish living room design, the darker and deeper rusty red is highly recommended.Red walls can make a room be stunning and elegant, especially when used in a Mediterranean or traditional manner.Diana Red Floor LampDiana is an industrial floor lamp with mid-century modern design, perfect for big industrial lofts and artist studios.

7 Must Do Interior Design Tips For The Dreamy Living Room Interior

Please let us take you on a Interior Design journey, and show you some Interior Design Tips that will make your living space special.Regardless your design taste, or the living room size and shape, here you can find simple rules to keep up with the trendy and contemporary interior design.

7 Must Do Interior Design Tips For The Dreamy Living Room Interior
Use these living room ideas to be on top of interior design trends.If you’re planning to have modern furniture, consider upholstery pieces — it will definitely make it a chic living room and the luxurious look is timeless.

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Colorful Wall Art Painting Contemporary Panoramic Palette Knife

around 2-3 Weeks to your home------------------------------------1) PayPal2) Credit Card (through Paypal system no need Paypal account)If you want to pay with credit card but only see Paypal at checkout.Unpack the package in front of the courier, if it's damaged, please follow the below STEPS:1.

Colorful Wall Art Painting Contemporary Panoramic Palette Knife
Please ask courier man to write 'the item is damaged/broken' or something like that on the waybill.2.

You can have the paintings after you and courier man both confirm the damages, ALSO, make sure courier man write the package and item is damaged on waybill.3.You can decide to frame it or simply stretch it at any of your local framing shop, depends on your taste, it's beautiful both way.

Local House Painters: On Trend Living Room Colors

Local House Painters: On Trend Living Room ColorsLiving rooms are where we spend a majority of our time in our homes.Here are some ideas to get your started with on trend and timeless living room paint colors from our local house painters.Use the color in your living room or kitchen space paired with a wainscoting or consider it as an accent wall.Your color choices within this palette gives you a natural color feel to pair with nearly any furniture style for a winning pairing.Gray, gold and peacock blueSpice up a rather plain white living room with the colors of a peacock’s feather.

STYLISH HOME: Greige interiors

A look at the lusciously-murky world of greige interiors (grey+beige)…I began using the term “greige” when I went to buy our fab midcentury modern couch and couldn’t decide whether it was grey or beige.So now it’s officially “greige” and the living room scheme follows suit, now mixing grey, beige, black, gold, silver and red.

STYLISH HOME: Greige interiors
Here’s a photo where the couch in the living room looks definitively grey, but I swear that it looks beige at other times!Scroll through these examples for more:Share the lusciousness with our Facebook version of our Greige interiors photo gallery, and follow Luscious on Pinterest for lots more!Some “greige” items which might interest you:[show_boutique_widget id=”197211″]Here are some other inspiring links relating to our fascination with grey/gray and beige tones:Follow Luscious on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter here.


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Living room layout with door opening in middle