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Kitchen: Updates & Mistakes

Answer: Because it just didn’t feel like US.Which led us here…Now, don’t get me wrong, I think it turned out beautifully… it just didn’t feel like home to me.So, my mission was to make the kitchen feel more like us in less expensive, easily changeable ways, while maintaining the more permanent elements of the space.

Kitchen: Updates & Mistakes
We use it every day and now wonder how we’ve never had a radio in the kitchen before.I mean, to have functioning appliances again and to have food IN THE KITCHEN has been beyond amazing.

Desigining a Minimalist Kitchen: Budget Friendly Essentials You Need

Vintage Style Wall Sconces:Lighting was a huge part of this minimalist kitchen design.The black vintage sconces we ending up going with — $38 each on Amazon.Schoolhouse Glass Cone Pendant Lights:Pendant lights can either look really cool, or look like showroom.These cadet mushroom pulls were a steal, with a matte black finish and comfortable size.Cabinet Drawer PullsWe also ordered the matte black pulls from Wayfair, as they were just over a $1 A PIECE.

Cabinet Hardware Finishes

You will have to decide the type of cabinet hardware, the size of cabinet pull you will need, the style, the finish of the cabinet hardware, the size of each piece of cabinet hardware, and the placement of each knob and pull.To make it a bit easier to digest, we have taken our most popular cabinet hardware finishes and broken them down into four subgroups:In this, our final chapter of our four part series we are taking a closer look at cabinet hardware finishes in the dark tones or the black cabinet hardware.Black cabinet hardware and its style...Like other finishes, black cabinet hardware comes in a variety of shapes and styles, and as we can agree that the universality of black compliments pretty much any home style from modern to farmhouse, shabby chic to industrial, minimalist to country-chic, craftsman to Mediterranean or Scandinavian to eclectic - black cabinet hardware is an easy go-to choice and strikes a compelling overall look.

Cabinet Hardware Finishes
Typically ovens, ranges, and refrigerators trim or handles are black, so pairing black nickel cabinet hardware is pretty straightforward.

Black nickel and its style....Black nickel may be shinier than your standard black cabinet hardware.

The Best Grey Shaker Cabinet Hardware for Your Kitchen

Having a less common color, what color and material should you choose for grey shaker cabinet hardware?Check out some tips for finding the right hardware to complement your grey shaker cabinets.

The Best Grey Shaker Cabinet Hardware for Your Kitchen
Why Grey Shaker Cabinets?Whether you want a Scandinavian-style kitchen or a classic farmhouse look, grey shaker cabinets will work.

Finding the Right Color for Grey Shaker Cabinet HardwareLight GreySilver hardware is the most common with grey cabinets as it can look sleek and refined.

Black Hardware: Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

While there seems to be a lot of brass or gold hardware being used lately, black hardware remains a steady classic.I put black iron knobs and pulls in my English Tudor and I’ve really missed them, so don’t be surprised if black hardware shows up in my new kitchen!For inspiration today I’ve featured some great kitchens with black hardware and near the end of the post, you’ll find a round up of some black hardware sources if you are looking for some pretty options!

Black Hardware: Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Update 2019: Come see my finished kitchen makeover (with black hardware) here!Hardware sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8See more posts in this kitchen inspiration series:Mug Racks & Kitchen Coffee Stations // Kitchen Open Shelving // Farmhouse Sinks

How Much Will It Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware?

However, new cabinet hardware installation is a project that can get pricey quickly—like, $10,000 pricey, if you opt for ornate or novelty hardware.Cabinet hardware costs range from under $100 and can go all the way up to $10,550.Cabinet Hardware Cost BreakdownThese five factors make up the total cost for your new kitchen cabinet hardware.Cabinet Hardware MaterialsMaterials largely determine the final cost of your cabinet hardware project.Cabinet hardware made with natural stone and vintage brass, bronze, and even gold are all possibilities in this category of hardware.

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Interior Design Ideas: Modern Farmhouse-style HomeThe exterior color is Benjamin Moore White Dove.The front door, cedar accents, garage door, and front porch are all stained in Benjamin Moore Hidden Valley.The walls above are painted in Benjamin Moore Dove Wing.

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Paint Color: Benjamin Moore OC-18 Dove Wing.Popular Paint Color Posts: The Best Benjamin Moore Paint ColorsInterior Paint Color and Color Palette PicturesInterior Paint Color and Color Palette IdeasInterior Paint Color and Color PaletteNew 2015 Paint Color IdeasInterior Paint Color IdeasInterior Design Ideas: Paint ColorInterior Ideas: Paint ColorMore Paint Color Ideas“Dear God,If I am wrong, right me.

What Color Hardware for Gray Cabinets? 15 Ideas

Learn MoreWhat Color Hardware is Good for Gray Cabinets?If you have light to medium gray cabinets, any finish will work.

What Color Hardware for Gray Cabinets? 15 Ideas
The hardware color pops against gray cabinetry and works well for many design styles.Sophisticate Your Space with a Unique Satin Nickel PullSatin nickel is a tried and true hardware choice for gray cabinets.And since gray cabinets are usually cool-toned, a way to add warmth is with oil-rubbed bronze hardware.


Grey flooring living room ideas: 10 practical and stylish looks

4 Grey Living Room Ideas Inspired by Flooring Trends