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How to Make the Most of Small Bedroom Spaces

However, some bedroom spaces are exceedingly small, and finding space within them is difficult.Some already come with bookcases and they can look great in a small bedroom.5: Nightstand StorageWhen choosing to buy furniture for your small bedroom, always keep storage in mind.6: Small Bedroom = Small DeskIf you have some extra space, try to bring a small desk into the room.Popular Paint Color Posts: The Best Benjamin Moore Paint ColorsInterior Paint Color and Color Palette PicturesInterior Paint Color and Color Palette IdeasInterior Paint Color and Color PaletteNew 2015 Paint Color IdeasInterior Paint Color IdeasInterior Design Ideas: Paint ColorInterior Ideas: Paint ColorMore Paint Color IdeasI have received many emails of readers looking for small space ideas and I hope these tips were helpful to you.

Small Bedroom Ideas To Maximize Space & Style

In this post I’m sharing helpful small bedroom ideas to maximize space and style!Here are 25 Small Bedroom Ideas To Maximize Space and StylePIN THIS AND SAVE IT FOR LATER!Small Bedroom Design Ideas:Do you have a small bedroom?Mirrors for a small bedroomAdding a mirror or two to a small bedroom will make it feel bigger and brighter.Here are some of my favorite stores for small space inspiration:I hope you enjoyed these small bedroom design ideas!

Two Beds, One Room

🙂If there’s one thing I love, it’s a big bedroom with two small beds.Of course I love the whole master bedroom thing, too, but for secondary bedrooms, gotta love the two-bed scenario.

Two Beds, One Room
With people coming and going, two beds in at least one of the secondary bedrooms is an awesome thing.Pay attention to color distribution when you’re decorating a room like this.These rooms have a lot going on in them and usually a lot of furniture.

5 design tips to create a well-organised bedroom for siblings

Shared bedrooms for kids are common in small city homes, but it can be challenging to design a space which caters to each child’s individual requirements.It’s essential to create a well-planned room that can suit children from different age groups and be adapted as they grow older.Here’s how to craft a stylish kid's bedroom which enables siblings to coexist without compromising on their needs and preferences.Position single beds against opposite walls of the room to create an empty play zone in between.If there is a space crunch, opt for a pull-out trundle bed or a bunk bed which are great space-saving options.

10 Ideas for Small Bedrooms

We’ve been hard at work putting together the finishing touches on our THREE bedrooms at the Woodland Cottage.As we designed the layouts for the three bedrooms and chose decor, we had to be mindful of the fact that these are small bedrooms.

10 Ideas for Small Bedrooms
There is not space in any of the bedrooms for extra furniture like dressers or chairs, so we focused specifically on choosing beds and beddings, nightstands, and decor.

Here are our top 10 ideas for small bedrooms!

Open bed frame2.

Small bedroom ideas: 20 ways to max out your space

Our curated selection of the best small bedroom ideas can turn even a tiny bedroom into a warm, welcoming retreat.Small bedroom ideas to enhance a tiny spaceKey to the success of a compact space is layout: your small bedroom layout ideas have to be spot on to make the space as efficient as possible.Next: small bedroom storage ideas have to be super versatile but good looking.These small bedroom ideas come with plenty of useful interior design advice so that your bedroom revamp can be as successful as possible.Like any small space, the key to successful small bedroom ideas is to create adequate storage within a functional layout.

Shared Girls Room -

When I had my little guy Ryder my two older girls needed to share a room.So of course I had to add a polka dots wall in their room.

Shared Girls Room -
Using the Silhouette Machine I cut out 2 and 1/2 inch dots and in about 30 minutes I had a cute accent wall for the girls room.

With some help from a few friends we decided to do the layout of the girls room in an “L” shape.I framed this cute Printable and set it on the dresser and it matches the room perfectly.

Tiny hotels: Check in, then squeeze in

Moxy hotel room rendering.Rooms at Marriott's Moxy Hotels begin at a "cozy" 183 square feet, while Best Western's Vīb offers spaces "just a hair under 200."

Tiny hotels: Check in, then squeeze in
"It's this idea that we're giving our guests everything they want, and nothing they don't need," said Marriott's Moxy Hotels director, Vicki Poulos.Moxy Hotels, owned by Marriott, is a three-star tier boutique-style hotel chain that operates on the smaller rooms, large public space concept.

Poulos said what Moxy Hotels focuses on is what the "next-gen" traveler really wants: active public space.

Create a Relaxing Bedroom

Luxurious BedDaly and Newton/Getty ImagesNothing says relaxation like a luxurious, comfortable bed.This is one area of the bedroom where it doesn’t pay to scrimp—so start with a quality mattress that gives you proper support.If a new mattress isn’t in the budget, add support and comfort to your old one with a mattress topper.Soft sheets, a warm blanket, and a thick comforter come next.

Create a Relaxing Bedroom
Finish with several accent pillows, shams, and a throw blanket, and you’ll have a bed that welcomes you into relaxation like the one shown here.

How One Mom Divided 1 Room into 2 Bedrooms for Her Daughters

How One Mom Divided 1 Room into 2 Bedrooms for Her Daughters Without Building a Wall LittleThingsAs anyone who grew up with siblings can tell you, having your own space as a kid is crucial.To stop the fighting and give the girls some semblance of privacy, she went to work on this very inventive project!

How One Mom Divided 1 Room into 2 Bedrooms for Her Daughters
The sisters go to French school and are obsessed with all things Paris, so naturally, the room became a Paris-themed space!The bedding also works into the blue, black, and white color theme – mom even ironed Paris decals onto some cheap pillows!

All in all, the sisters loved their new, beautifully decorated bedroom, and adored that they had a little privacy in their shared space.

30 Space Saving Beds With Storage Improving Small Bedroom Designs

The space-saving beds that feature convenient storage are perfect solutions for small bedroom designs.33 small bedroom designs that create beautiful small spaces and increase home values22 small bedroom ideas to maximize space in small roomsSpace-saving loft designs, modern small roomsDecorating small apartments and homes is challenging.

30 Space Saving Beds With Storage Improving Small Bedroom Designs
These beds help add more storage to small bedroom designs and solve your storage problems in elegant style.

Wisely chosen platform beds with storage are ideal for decorating small rooms and adding sufficient storage spaces to small interiors.Making wooden boxes on casters or sliding pads creates a comfortable and attractive storage solution for small bedroom designs.


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