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Problem: The Only Place To Put My TV Is In the Corner, Now What?

A better option (we mean a more cost effective, safer, better looking, and space-saving option) would be a corner TV wall mount, which is more commonly called a full-motion TV mount.By pulling the TV away from the wall and swiveling it, you're creating the perfect corner piece.Full-motion mounts also let you tilt the TV up or down, solving that pesky TV glare problem.If you're wondering if there is a corner TV mount with shelves, the answer is yes.There are options like the SOA-AVS1 single on-wall shelf or the VF3012 on-wall component shelf that mount directly below your TV allowing you to combine your TV wall mount with shelves.

How to mount your TV in a corner

The first challenge is to find the right full motion TV mount with right arm extension and the second is to position the wall plate of the TV mount at the right distance from the corner of the wall so your TV will fit perfectly in the corner.On the right side of the TV mount there is the wall plate that is attached on the wall and the left side is where the TV mount is attached to the TV.Above there is the diagram of the corner of the wall, the TV length that fits in the corner, the arm extension of the full motion TV mount(BD) and point (B) is the position where the middle of the wall plate of the TV mount should be located so the TV will fit exactly catty-corner.Once you determine the length of your TV then you can find out how long the TV mount arm must be from the following formula:Minimum TV Mount arm Length(BD)=0.5*(Length of TV/1.41)It also happens that the middle of the tv mount wall plate must be position at the same distance from the corner of the wall (A) as the length of the arm of the full motion tv mount because the distance of (BD) equals the distance of (AB).

How to mount your TV in a corner
What is the min arm length full motion TV mount I should purchase so my TV fits perfectly in catty corner of the room?

Another TV Mounted This Time Using A Corner Mount • Richmond

Today we installed a 65″ LG Smart TV in a corner, for a downstairs man cave!If you are looking for professional tv mounting service give us a call today!

Modern Living Room Furniture Universal Wooden TV Corner Stand with

Product DescriptionModern Living Room Furniture High Quality Corner Stand with TV Mount & Open StorageTurns Unused Corner Living Space into an Entertainment AreaDESCRIPTIONThe FS37-44FL Corner TV Stand with Open Storage is ideal for taking unused corner space in living or home office areas into an entertainment viewing area.The TV mount holds up to a 32"-65" TV and swivels a wide ±70° for perfect viewing wherever the user goes.

Modern Living Room Furniture Universal Wooden TV Corner Stand with
The upper surface has ample space and a large lower storage compartment has plenty of capacity to store media players, gaming accessories, devices, books and décor.For specific compliance requirements, we can have product tested to virtually any worldwide safety standard.

We have in-house industrial design and engineering teams that can quickly take your idea from concept to completion.

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Home is A Place Where Your Dreams GrowFrom Traditional and Mid-Century Modern to Rustic Farmhouse and Glam, Furniture of America extends the home essentials for your space.

Zoomification and BYOM

What if there were solutions that could leverage the large screens and high-quality audio systems already installed in many family rooms?We hit it off and discovered Barco had been independently pursuing third-party audio solutions to help its theater customers Zoom on huge screens.

Zoomification and BYOM
I thought naively I could just plug in a high-quality videoconferencing camera/microphone and port the audio out to my AV receiver.

After a few tests leveraging out-of-the-box solutions with Barco’s amazing technical team, Sinnaeve kindly introduced me to Shure’s Tim Cornish to help engineer a third-party audio solution.We held a few more video calls using Teams and Zoom before pronouncing the solution ready for prime time.

Living Room TV Ideas: Solutions for Your Top TV Challenges

Not all living rooms were designed with the TV in mind, which is a challenge, because more often than not, the living room is a space that includes a TV.Read on to see our top living room TV placement solutions.Where to Put a TV in a Living Room with a Fireplace:Now we know this is a topic where people have strong opinions.

Living Room TV Ideas: Solutions for Your Top TV Challenges
Where to Put Your TV if You Have Lots of Windows:A living room with lots of natural light is a beautiful thing, but a room with an abundance of windows can make TV placement difficult.Either you’re trying to find sufficient wall space to accomodate a TV, or you’re dealing with glare on your TV – or both.

Best Corner TV Mount

Name Winner Runner Up Also Good Model Forging Mount Long Extension Corner TV Mount Forging Mount Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket Fozimoa Adjustable Corner TV Mount Installer Parts 20″ dual extension corner Mount Vemount Corner Full Motion Description #1 rated “perfect fit” full motion corner tv wall mount for flat screen’s 37” to 75” in size.Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Learn More Buy Now Runner Up Name Model Forging Mount Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket Description Excellent dual wall design this corner tv wall mount with full articulation.The FORGING MOUNT Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket is undoubtedly one of the best to support a variety of television models.The flexibility offered by the FORGING MOUNT Corner TV Wall Mount does not end there.Yes, you can corner mount a 70-inch TV if you have a compatible corner mount system.


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