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Which color carpet with gray walls? (Bedroom)

Painted my bedroom Behr's Pewter Mug (medium gray).white trim.

Which color carpet with gray walls? (Bedroom)
I want to replace the old, beige carpet.

Will too much gray (walls, carpet) look odd?

Sample squares from carpet before still hard to envision.

gray paint/brown carpet

We just moved into a new house that has brown carpet and gray walls.I feel like with all the dark colors it just makes the room smaller.

gray paint/brown carpet
I was thinking Benjamin Moore’s edgecombe gray but it has gray tones too depending on the lighting.

Any paint color suggestions?

I’m terrible at picking paint!

8 Best Color Carpet and Rugs Go Well With Grey Wall

Now, what color carpet could you pair with the wall and bring some color and freshness to your space?What Color Carpet and Rugs Go Well With Grey Wall?

8 Best Color Carpet and Rugs Go Well With Grey Wall
Beige CarpetBeige is the perfect color to bring coziness and warmth to your living room with the grey wall.The cream is a warm-toned color, so it will go well with a dark grey wall, which is a neutral tone.

For example, going with a pronounced shade for your carpet will enhance the brightness of your light grey wall.

Help! Carpet for grey walls?!

Hi, we are in the middle of re-carpeting our lower level TV room and kids bedrooms and I can't decide on a color to go with the grey we just painted.(Ideally it will also look good with the green in the kids' rooms so we don't *have* to repaint those.)Please try to look past the mid-project mess in the pictures and the fact that we haven't painted the trim yet...!To complicate matters further we pulled our light fixtures too so the lighting in the room is only from one window.Our ceilings are low so I was thinking being more monochromatic with the walls and carpet might help expand the space, but maybe that will look too sterile and I should do something warmer??

What Color of Carpet Looks Good with Gray Walls?

Matching carpet colors with gray walls is quite easy, and there’s a wide array of tinctures to choose from.Selecting Carpet to Match Gray WallsCarpet and wall color combinations, especially with gray, all depends on the shade of your walls.

What Color of Carpet Looks Good with Gray Walls?
In other words, it will vary if you have light gray or dark gray paint.If you have light gray walls, a medium or dark-colored carpet will make the room cozy, such as:BlueDark GrayDarker FleckIf you have dark gray walls, a lighter colored floor will open up the room.The intricate designs allow the carpet to fit both formal and casual settings, and the color scheme will match perfectly with gray walls.

Which carpet for light grey walls?

Need some help.Which carpet would be best for bedrooms with light grey walls like in picture?Would tan/beige be okay or would it be better to use a grey tone?

Carpet color? Gray walls and white trim.

We are picking out our finishing for our house we are building and I'm at a loss for what carpet to choose.The entire house will be painted a light true gray with bright white trim.What color carpet would you choose?I don't want to choose another gray if that will make the house feel too cool.

Carpet color? Gray walls and white trim.
I plan to add pops of color and warmth in with the furniture.


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