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What Color Curtains Go With White Walls and Brown Furniture?

Are your walls white and furniture brown?Brown furniture is a practical choice especially for families with kids and pets, as it is easy to clean and is stain-resistant.So, you have brown furniture set in the backdrop of white walls, which is a lovely color duo.You can even pick pure white curtains to go with your white walls, so the combination of the two will provide an impactful background for your brown sofa.Don’t Forget BlackMany homeowners hesitate to use black curtains for window coverings, but when paired with white walls and brown furniture, they look stunning and alluring.

12 Colors That Go Well With Brown

It’s not surprising to see that brown furniture maintains its popularity despite the flood of many modern creative trends.We’ll explore multiple ways to apply rich brown tones to your design style together with other colors.

12 Colors That Go Well With Brown
Brown and BlackAdding black to a color scheme revolving around dark brown tones can enhance the level of richness even further.

Brown and Navy BlueA somewhat unexpected color combination, navy blue isn’t typically paired with tones of brown.

Brown and OrangeIf autumn is your favorite season, you need to try a brown and orange color combination.


“Each selection was an assessment of weight, texture and curve — bold but not bright, and luxe without feeling too posh or bling-y.When a space can feel well balanced and particular in its appointments, you know you are on to something.”Kees Clendenon calls Murphy the ideal client, saying, “He trusts the process and this is how a client gets the best out of this type of project.

“Lighting and art were both about telling a story in this room – accenting conversational opportunities and an almost gallery-esque feel,” Cheryl Kees Clendenon said.

“We would have loved to gut and start over in the kitchen, but more of a refresh did just what the space needed,” Kees Clendenon explained.

What Color Goes With Brown Leather Sofa?

Many readers might ask, ‘why choose a brown leather sofa.’ My answer would be that it’s simply an excellent choice!What Color Goes Best With A Brown Leather Sofa?Pair 3 Shades Of Pink With Brown LeatherFor a dark or chocolate brown leather sofa, you can play with all three shades of pink!Shades Of Green And Brown LeatherGreen hues of lime and olive pair well with light brown leather, whereas mint green is stunning with chocolate brown leather sofas.Being a deep and muted color, brown is rich, so tone down the yellow when pairing it with a dark brown leather sofa.

3 colours that complement a brown leather sofa

The classic brown leather sofa is a timeless piece of furniture that is found in thousands of stylish living rooms up and down the UK, if not the world.If you've invested in one of these interior classics, to help you make the best decision for the colour scheme of your living room, we've picked three of our favourite looks that we think complement a brown leather couch beautifully...Best colours for a brown leather sofa1.

3 colours that complement a brown leather sofa
Beautiful BlueA brown leather chesterfield sofa and pale blue work so beautifully together - reminiscent of a classic Wedgewood blue.

These hues work well with reclaimed wood furniture as well a brown leather sofa by adding depth and balance to the scheme.Black as a colour scheme is always popular and is re-invented time and time again as interior decor trends change, as does a brown leather sofa.


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